Friday, November 7, 2008

Seasonal Garden Containers - Put to Good Use

Rather than stacking up those beautiful garden pots and urns when the weather turns too cold for plants, just think of how wonderful they would be for inside decorating. Create a festive look by adding lights to the base of your planter, then place on a pedestal or column in the corner of a room. Looks great! This impressive decor can easily replace a night light in the powder room over the festive seaason.


Barb said...

We live in a cold climate - what would you suggest for a tree that is potted in a concrete urn? Would it survive the winter outside on the porch or would it do better inside?

Garden Planter Store said...

Hi Barb: Since you live in a cold climate and have a concrete urn, you would be advised to empty the urn completely and store inside or have it well covered outside. The tree can be planted in the yard - left with the landscape or replanted into your garden urn in the Spring. With large lightweight resin garden urns, you can leave them outside over Winter. Concrete containers look good, however, they are very fragile and high maintenance.