Friday, November 14, 2008

Principles of Design with Urns and Containers

There are specific design decor guidelines that can assist in the decision of what style of garden planter pot works best in certain areas of your home and garden. Over the next few weeks I will try and outline each one for you. Firstly, For the entry: place the same style of garden container or garden planter/garden pedestal combination at the entrances to your home and garden. This will give a wonderful welcome to your home and indicate to your visitors that they are special. There will be no confusion as to where you want them to be greeted.

If you have a particular concern about your garden decor or would like more information about a particular subject regarding your garden, I would be happy to source it for you. So, send me your comments.


David said...

Hey Marion;

I'm really interested in your searching ideas. At this time of year, in the north especially, decorating with those garden urns that are now empty is a good idea. In fact I have had it with dead christmas trees that are at best fire hazards. Could I plant a real tree and then replant it in my garden in the spring?

Garden Planter Store said...

Hi David:

You certainly can plant a real tree/shrub, however, you will need to use a resin garden urn not one made of concrete. The resin planter will withstand the harsh winter weather - will not crack or break down. Would suggest that you plant the real tree in a large resin urn and when the weather turns very cold either place inside the garage or find a protected area away from the wind. Then it will be ready for the Spring for replanting.