Monday, November 10, 2008

Garden Containers - Amaryllis Time

Early December is the time to start your amaryllis indoors. Bring one of your beautiful garden planters in from the outside and place in a warm bright spot. If you have had your bulbs outside all summer, remove the dead leaves,, pot up in your garden container and add water. If your bulb comes in a box, just plant it up in your most attractive garden pot and continue to water. What a show when the days are short!


Barb said...

For inside planters - is there a product that can cover the dirt in order to baby proof the room?

Garden Planter Store said...

Hi Barb: What a good question. Whatever you place on top of the garden planter would have to breathe. You can cover the top with an old cotton t-shirt, tuck it down the sides to secure. The lightweight garden planters may be the best, they can be easily moved and placed out of reach of small hands. Let me know if it works???