Monday, November 17, 2008

Garden Planters Are Very Versatile

This is the beginning of the Holiday Season and we’re trying to come up with great holiday decorating ideas using your Garden Planters inside your home. We have searched far and wide for the best garden planters and this year came up with Resin Planters. Guess what, they are lightweight and can be easily moved inside over the winter or cool months of the year. What a bonus! The garden is just filled now with pinecones, grasses and colorful shrub branches. Fill your container and add decorative bows, and holiday decorations. Do you have a garden decor idea for your home? If so, would love to share them with others.


David said...

Hey Marion!!

What a great idea. I see on your web site that you also have a self watering conversion kit for planters. Would it work with Garden urns as well or is it only for planters??

Garden Planter Store said...

Yes David, our Self Watering Conversion Kit would be great for your garden urns as well as those garden planters. Just make sure you plug the holes in the bottom of your resin garden urn - the watering is from the tube at the top,the plants don't get waterlogged.

Garden Planter Store said...

Hey Marion;

Great. Thanks for getting back so quickly.

One last question. How doe I know how long a tube I would need?? I'm assuming that it might be longer as Urns may be deeper than Planters, but I'm not sure.


Garden Planter Store said...

Hi Again: the Self Watering Conversion Kit tube should be at least one inch above the rim of your garden planter. Since garden urns can often be a little higher than some planters, just measure the height of the pot or container and add one inch. We have complete instructions under the Elegant Planter Category on the website. Good Luck!